Diversity and inclusion

At Forvis Mazars, diversity is a key topic on our Executive Board’s agenda. It is how we have grown as an international network, deeply rooted in local territories and cultures, and it is how we operate today and how we plan for tomorrow - working as one inclusive team around the world, making decisions and defining our future path together. Diversity and inclusion are the foundations of the modern firm we strive to be.

More diverse, more inclusive workplaces are workplaces fit for the future. We are dedicated to ensuring Forvis Mazars is a network where people have a sense of belonging and pride. A united partnership where people can make meaningful contributions and be who they are. In doing so, we build a culture and a firm that deliver better value for our clients and our people alike.  

Among several other issues, gender equity is a concern for modern societies where we all need to play our part. Diversity and inclusion are at the top of our agenda. Our Executive Board takes a leading role in ensuring Forvis Mazars’ people feel respected and inspired at work. Because of the nature of our work, our core values of integrity and respect for people, and the impact we expect to make, Forvis Mazars is committed to turn awareness into effective, transformative action.

Diverse by nature

We know value for our business, our clients and our communities is created by embracing different perspectives, empowering our people and bringing to the table varied backgrounds, views and skills.

As an international partnership with local roots all over the world, Forvis Mazars is – by nature – a geographically diverse network that has grown thanks to the different nationalities, languages and educations of our team.

Making the most of these differences as an inclusive network allows us to solve problems, move our firm forwards and, ultimately, better serve our clients.

Inclusive by design

Diversity goes beyond geographical differences. At Forvis Mazars, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where teams, leaders and performance come in many different styles, from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and where these differences lead to greater value and success.

These differences include, but are not limited to, abilities and disabilities, age, culture, education, gender and gender identity and expression, language, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background and working style. 

We are one team at Forvis Mazars and are dedicated by design to being a diverse and inclusive network.

Gender equity, diversity and inclusion

In recent years we have increased the representation of women in leadership positions and have made significant progress towards gender equity across Forvis Mazars. Today, more than 75% of our largest countries have developed and started to implement diversity action plans and, overall, women make up 53% of our talents.

IWD: a day to reflect on making a difference

International Women’s Day gives us a chance to reinforce our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and share our vision for our people and communities worldwide. 

Forvis Mazars is a place that welcomes challenges: we recognise that critical thinking and questioning the status quo leads to better business practice. That is why we have invited our leaders and teams around the world to take part in the #ChooseToChallenge initiative. 

This is an opportunity to reflect on how each of us can make a difference to create a more inclusive work environment. We know a day may not solve what could take generations to fully remedy, but we are proud to show our team’s commitment to stand up and be counted on this crucial topic.

Watch our #ChooseToChallenge videos below.

Leading from the top

Our Executive Board is dedicated to embedding diversity and inclusion into everything we do at Forvis Mazars. By shaping our culture and long-term strategy around inclusion, our leadership is committed to building a diverse global firm that recognises and rewards difference.