A personal approach to positioning your business

Changing consumer behaviours, a drive towards sustainability and demands for ethical commerce are transforming the luxury goods sector. Not only are companies focusing on new generations of consumers, but they are also seeing growth in emerging markets. Forvis Mazars can help your business thrive in this changing world with tailored solutions ranging from audit and assurance to outsourcing, risk management and sustainability. 

Our approach 

The luxury industry is going through a transformation as it pivots towards a younger generation of consumers and burgeoning middle classes in emerging markets. Business models are shifting, environmental awareness and sustainability are becoming a priority for consumers, and operators are focusing on operational efficiency as well as an improved retail experience.

All of this means that your distribution footprint is evolving with digital tools and technologies revolutionising the consumer experience. You are placing a greater emphasis on growth opportunities in emerging markets and turning to younger consumers while also looking at how to best protect your brand.

At Forvis Mazars, we work with companies across the entire luxury ecosystem. Whether you are providing luxury goods or experiences, our team offers a wide range of audit, advisory, outsourcing and tax services to help you meet the challenges you face. 

Protecting the value of your brand

We can estimate the value of your brand in the event of a financial transaction or to meet accounting requirements, and also the brand image loss in case of fraudulent use of your brand or following impact from Covid-19.

Aligning your organisation with new market opportunities

We can help you establish new businesses or move into emerging and growth markets. We ensure the success of your acquisitions and partnership projects or the disposal of non-strategic assets by providing financial advisory, legal and tax support, taking local specificities and regulations into account.

Securing your operations

To safeguard your operations, our experts can assess the quality of your service providers, reinforce control over your distribution network, defend financial interests in the context of disputes or litigations and prevent fraud.

Outsourcing your processes

Following a major project, such as the implementation of an ERP, reorganisation or a change in strategy, we can support your finance team by providing accountants, controllers, internal auditors or even CFOs on an interim basis.

Boosting your performance to create value

It is vital to enhance your business’ competitiveness and relevance for consumers. We can support the development of your multichannel strategies and improve your digital performance through reliable technology and data management so you can predict sales, optimise logistics and gain consumer insights. Our experts can also help you drive meaningful change by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into your long-term strategy, bringing traceability on supply chains and creating value for your business.

We follow a pragmatic and personal approach that ensures everything we do is the right fit for your needs. You will have a single point of contact who will work closely with you every step of the way, drawing on the best of Forvis Mazars from across our international network.