Employment and reservations

Legal support to help you effectively manage your people around the world

An important part of managing a successful business is understanding employment law in the jurisdictions where you operate. This is not always straightforward as employee expectations evolve and employment laws change. We can help you assess and manage the risks associated with employee relationships. 

Our approach

Companies frequently have an ongoing need for advice, representation and in-depth knowledge of employment, reward and employment rights matters. As the global economy becomes increasingly integrated and companies expand around the world, having access to local market knowledge of employment law is critical. 

At Forvis Mazars, we can advise you on all aspects of individual and collective employment law and social security, as well as international mobility and compensation and benefits issues. With experts based around the world, we understand the differences in legal frameworks in different jurisdictions and how this can affect a global business. Working together as one team, we believe in providing advice and guidance through a collaborative and pragmatic approach that helps you make better HR decisions for your business’s future.  

We can provide legal support in:

  • Obtaining, extending and cancelling a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine
  • Obtaining, prolonging and cancelling a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, including for family members of a foreigner
  • Registration of a foreigner's place of residence in Ukraine
  • Obtaining a taxpayer registration number
  • Obtaining and extending a permit for the temporary importation of goods into Ukraine
  • Consulting and legal support on migration issues
  • Preparation of labour agreements/contracts
  • Support in obtaining the status of a critical enterprise
  • Support in booking of employees liable for military service