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The transport and logistics industry is facing new sources of volatility and uncertainty. Tighter regulations, environmental constraints, global trade disputes and digitalisation are all agents for major change. Our audit, advisory and tax services help companies navigate the complexities in the sector. We bring multidisciplinary capabilities from our global network to ensure our solutions are the right fit for you in your markets.

Our approach 

Transport and logistics companies operate in a global market where they are exposed to a wide range of economic, regulatory and technological forces. The sector is likely to see a significant Brexit impact and a labour shortage aggravated by the growth of e-commerce which are straining a sector already required to sustainably and digitally transform. At Forvis Mazars, we support a broad range of transport and logistics businesses with domestic and global footprints facing these challenges. These include transporters, shippers and ports, intermediaries, service providers, warehouses, aviation companies, air traffic control institutions and others.

In aviation or air traffic control, deregulation and the introduction of low-cost airlines in the 1990s led to a polarisation of the industry between cost leaders and luxury carriers. Volatile fuel prices, increasing financing costs and intense competition create ongoing challenges. However, overcapacity in the sector means that it currently faces some of its greatest difficulties yet.

The rail sector has become a greater focus for investment from policymakers eager to respond to the climate threat. However, infrastructure development must navigate diverse local and national planning codes while the sector must respond quickly to rising customer and regulatory expectations.

The shipping and water transport sector is crucial to the free flow of goods across the globe. However, as consumer habits shift and protectionism and tariffs threaten cross-border trade, companies operating in this space face multiple risks and opportunities. They must also respond to new regulatory challenges as the drive to decarbonise the sector brings new investment needs.

Similar challenges are faced by those in the trucking industry. Freight hauling faces pressures to improve efficiency and become more sustainable even as barriers to trade grow. With tighter margins from increasing operational costs, the sector must improve financial performance even as customers expect faster delivery.

Managing logistics and supply chains grows increasingly complex in this setting with economic and geopolitical uncertainty being a constant threat. Logistics companies also face new sources of disruption where there are fewer barriers to entry and digitalisation becomes a major driver of change.

Whatever your sector, our multidisciplinary team works as an integrated unit to provide expertise and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and market and help you overcome your unique challenges. 

We can help you with the following services:

  • Optimising production costs and financial performance
  • Seizing market opportunities and enhancing your market presence
  • Securing your operations
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Improving operational performance

Each of our experienced professionals has sector-specific credentials supplemented by the practical experience that comes from a long track record in the business. When we work with you, we consider the full spectrum of possibilities and find the right solutions to help you meet your strategic objectives. Our specialists understand the complex rules and regulations affecting your organisation and bring in the right expertise from our global network of specialists to ensure you receive the critical advice you need. 

Our services

We help companies in the transport and logistics sector secure their operations and create value with a wide range of solutions including:

  • Financial audit
  • Risk management and internal control
  • Corporate finance
  • Transaction services
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Forensic and investigations
  • Employer solutions
  • Digital transformation and technology
  • Sustainability services