EQUAL-SALARY certification

Equal pay is a human right, it is a strategic issue for society and is now on the agenda of most business leaders. Achieving EQUAL-SALARY certification enables organisations to demonstrate that they pay their employees, both women and men, equally and gives them considerable added value.

The EQUAL-SALARY certification is issued by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, an independent, non-profit organisation that promotes equal pay - and thus equal opportunities - between women and men in companies worldwide. This certification is based on a sound scientific approach and was developed in collaboration with the University of Geneva and financially supported by the Swiss Confederation.

Any organisation with at least 50 employees, including at least 10 women, is eligible for this certification.

Equal salary: what benefits for employers?

  • By becoming an EQUAL-SALARY certified company, you demonstrate your commitment to equal pay for women and men.
  • Certification gives you a key advantage in attracting and retaining talent. It also improves your image with customers, investors and suppliers.
  • By positioning your organisation as a pioneer in diversity and inclusion, you are committed to a more equitable and sustainable world.
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Certification goes far beyond salary analysis. It requires a clear and sustained commitment from management and the existence of efficient HR processes that allow for continuous improvement of gender equality in the company.

Our services in EQUAL-SALARY certification

Over the past few years, Forvis Mazars in Switzerland has built up a multidisciplinary team of consultants specialising in various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) certification audits.

As an accredited audit partner of the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, we are entitled to conduct audits leading to EQUAL-SALARY certification.

What are the phases of EQUAL-SALARY certification?

EQUAL-SALARY is an internationally recognised Swiss certification based on a four-phase methodology based on ISO 9000 quality standards.

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  • The statistical analysis is carried out by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation and is based on a methodology developed in collaboration with the University of Geneva. The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation collects salary data from all staff in an anonymous and confidential manner. These data are then analysed to determine whether the gender pay gap is less than or equal to 5% and to highlight the list of specific cases that will need to be explained or managed if necessary.
  • Once the analysis has been carried out and if the company obtains a satisfactory result, Forvis Mazars is asked to conduct the qualitative audits leading to EQUAL-SALARY certification. This phase includes a document review and on-site audits by accredited auditors. The auditors check, among other things, the HR processes in place and the management's commitment to equal pay, and also conduct interviews to gather employees' perceptions.
  • On the basis of the Forvis Mazars report, the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation decides to issue the certificate. The organisation then has the right to use the "EQUAL-SALARY certified" logo during the three-year validity period.
  • During this period, the company must undergo two monitoring reviews. The process then starts again in order to renew the certificate.

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