Webinar - Pillar 2 GloBE: CEE perspective and useful tools (21.2.2024)

Following extensive development efforts by the OECD and member countries, the imminent implementation of the global 15% minimum tax (Pillar 2 GloBE) in certain jurisdictions requires adaptations from all affected parties.

In our upcoming webinar focused on Central & Eastern Europe, we will delve into the implementation status as well as key issues and upcoming requirements for the most active countries in the region, and assess what business tools can be helpful in this new tax journey.

21 February, 10:00 CET

Our regional tax experts will mainly cover Pillar 2 updates and solutions in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Romania.

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Key topics on the agenda

  • Overview and scope of the minimum global effective tax rate
  • Presentation of main concepts: ETR, IIR, UTPR and QDMTT
  • Country overview: Status of legislation implementation, particularities of local rules compared to the EU Directive, application of safe harbour rules
  • Getting started with the Pillar 2 tool. A four step, pragmatic solution carefully designed to fit your needs, that quickly identifies the required actions, and transparency regarding your compliance with the GloBE regulations.
  • Q&A session where our regional experts will answer your specific questions

The EU Directive context

EU Directive 2022/2523 sets forth rules for the implementation of a global minimum level of taxation for large multinational groups and large-scale domestic groups operating in the EU (Pillar 2). The Directive transposing deadline into national legislations was the end of 2023, so we will look into the progress and status of the CEE countries during our webinar as well.

Taxpayers members of a multinational group or a large-scale domestic group located in an EU Member State, with annual revenue exceeding EUR 750 million in the last two of the four fiscal years immediately preceding the reporting year are subject to Pillar 2 obligations.

The Directive provides a mechanism based on three interdependent model rules commonly referred to as the Global anti-Base Erosion (GloBE), according to which a top-up tax should be collected in instances in which the Effective income Tax Rate (ETR) of a multinational group in a specific jurisdiction is below the Minimum Tax Rate (MTR) of 15%. 

Meet our regional speakers

  • Liviu Gheorghiu, Director, Tax - Bucharest, Romania
  • Birgit Würth, Partner - Vienna, Austria
  • Ana Perković Bašnec, Supervisor, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Olga Těhlová, Senior Tax Consultant, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Gergely Simon, Senior Tax Manager - Budapest, Hungary
  • Lucas Hoffmann, Senior Manager, Tax, Munich, Germany 

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