Public holidays 2024

The government of Hungary has announced the public holidays for 2024, on the basis of which workers can plan their periods of rest. In this article you will find the long weekends, public holidays and the transferred working days for 2024.

The government has published the dates of the 2024 public holidays in the official gazette, Magyar Közlöny. A significant change compared to 2023 will be the Christmas period, with an exceptionally high number of days off work. In exchange, however, we will have to work on several Saturdays. Let’s take a closer look at the public holidays, other rest days, and rescheduled working days in 2024.


Name of holiday


1 January, Monday

New Year's Day

public holiday

15 March, Friday

national holiday

public holiday (3-day weekend)

29 March, Friday

Good Friday

public holiday (4-day weekend)

1 April, Monday


public holiday (4-day weekend)

1 May, Wednesday

Labour Day

public holiday

20 May, Monday

White Monday

public hoilday (3-day weekend)

19 August, Monday


rest day

20 August, Tuesday

national holiday celebrating the foundation of Hungary

public holiday (4-day weekend)

23 October, Wednesday

national holiday celebrating the Revolution of 1956

public holiday

1 November, Friday

All Saints' Day

public holiday (3-day weekend)

24 December, Tuesday

Christmas Eve

rest day (6-day "weekend")

25 December, Wednesday


public holiday (6-day "weekend")

26 December, Thursday


public holiday (6-day "weekend")

27 December, Friday


rest day (6-day "weekend")

In brief summary: In 2024, we will have 11 public holidays that fall on weekdays, 3 rest days, and 3 Saturday that will be working days.

Let’s look at the days off in 2024, month by month!

January 2024

In January, we will have one public holiday, 1 January. New Year’s Day will fall on a Monday.

February 2024

In the short month of February, there will be no public holidays or transferred working days.

March 2024

We will have two weekdays off in March:

  • 15 March is a national holiday when we celebrate the 1848 Revolution and War of Independence. Since it falls on a Friday, we will have a 3-day weekend;
  • 29 March is Good Friday, which means another long weekend.

April 2024

On 1 April, is Easter Monday, which means a long weekend. Combined with Good Friday, we will have  4 consecutive days off!

May 2024

In May we will have two extra days off:

  • No work on 1 May, Wednesday, due to Labour Day. As it falls in the middle of the week, there will be no long weekend or rescheduled working days;
  • 20 May is Whit Monday, so we will have a 3-day long weekend.

June and July 2024

There will be no public holidays in these two summer months.

August 2024

There will be two extra days off in August:

  • 19 August, Monday, has been declared a rest day;
  • 20 August, Tuesday is the national holiday when we celebrate the foundation of the week; due to the Monday being a rest day, we will have a long, 4-day weekend.

September 2024

There will be no public holidays in September.

October 2024

23 October, Wednesday, is a national holiday in the middle of the week.

November 2024

On 1 November, All Saints’ Day, we will have an extra day of rest; since it falls on a Friday, November will start with a long weekend.

December 2024

A bigger change in comparison with the previous years is expected in December, as the government aims to reduce working between the two holidays. Accordingly, there will be a 6-day “weekend”, with no working days on 26 and 27 December.

Saturdays rescheduled as working days in 2024

In 2023, there were no Saturday working days, but 2024 will be different. In exchange for the rest days, most people will have to work on the following Saturdays:

  • 3 August – in exchange, 19 August will be a day off;
  • 7 December – in exchange, 26 December will be a day off;
  • 14 December – in exchange, 27 December will be a day off.

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