At Forvis Mazars, we believe that audit is critical in creating a fair, equitable and prosperous economy. Audit has been, and remains, a profession at the heart of our business. We work for the public interest and we feel responsible for our clients due to our firm belief
that we serve the interests of society as a whole by supporting their sustainable business activities.

Our audit activities establish the conditions of transparency and enable the users of the reports to receive an objective image of corporate operation and to trust the reports issued by the company. An audit, however, offers much more: a comprehensive and independent audit contributes to building a dependable control and governance framework which constitute the foundation of sustainable development in the long run.

Audit is first and foremost about people. We focus on building mutually advantageous, successful relationships that strengthen trust and deliver demonstrable value. Each Forvis Mazars audit is unique and tailor-made.

We take the time to understand the business model, corporate culture, and ecosystem of our clients, and consider the aspects of owners and stakeholders tailoring the audit strategy to the specific risks identified. Throughout the process, we are in constant dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, with clear, pragmatic, and timely communication.

We are a determined, integrated and collaborative team whose work goes across borders, services, and sectors. We combine specialised local knowledge with the international perspective that comes from being a single firm globally. We provide support in the right place and time with our highly trained experts and comprehensive expertise.

We are proud of our independence, consistency, precision, and determination. By applying the latest technologies, a global methodology and processes, we provide reliable, objective, and in-depth conclusions and develop a well-founded opinion. Our unique approach guarantees efficient and high quality audits that are beneficial to our clients, their shareholders, and other stakeholders.

This approach, focused on people and taking any unique characteristics into consideration, provides an audit experience that goes beyond compliance requirements and truly contributes to the sustainable development of businesses, the economy, and society.

Our audit services

Forvis Mazars is in possession of the necessary qualifications, expertise and experience to provide complex audit services for domestic or international companies and groups. Our team – supplemented with an IT team, IFRS advisors, tax, legal, actuary, and valuation experts – supports the development of our clients in multiple business sectors.

  • Audit of financial statements based on local regulations
  • Audit of consolidated reports of international, regional, or local corporate groups
  • Audit of financial statements prepared according to IFRS
  • Audit of Public Interest Entities: listed companies, insurance companies, banks, and financial enterprises
  • Independent audit for company transformations
  • Grant audit
  • Agreed-upon examinations

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Molnar Andrea
Molnar Andrea Partner, Audit and Sustainability Services Budapest

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Benedek Zoltan
Benedek Zoltan Partner, Audit and Advisory Services, FCCA - Budapest

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