Tax advisory and legal services

Appropriate tax planning and tax consulting contribute to the reduction of costs, new prospects may be opened up, thereby increasing the satisfaction of the company’s stakeholders.

Forvis Mazars professionals are business advisers and accountancy experts at the same time. With our services, we support you in achieving your business goals, reduce your burdens, and allow you to focus on what you do best: shaping your business strategy and managing day-to-day operations.

Tax non-compliance may trigger serious financial consequences and result in an immediate cash flow effect. In some cases it might even destroy the good reputation of a company.

We would like to reduce our tax risks!

With a global view, but local expertise, our team uses its decades of international experience to find the most ideal tax solutions for our clients.

  • 30+

    years working for our clients' success
  • 190+

    experts ready to help your business grow
  • 1000+

    clients whose accounting, finance and tax issues we solve

How can we help you?

  • Flat-rate tax advisory services
  • VAT planning, VAT consultancy
  • Invoicing system review
  • Planning of corporate income tax and local business tax
  • Tax allowance
  • Tax planning of complex business transactions
  • Tax due diligence
  • Company establishment, liquidation
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Tax representation and tax lawsuits
  • Labour law
  • Lawsuits and out-of-court procedures
  • Litigation and extrajudicial proceedings
  • Retail tax
  • Environmental product charge
  • EKAER (Electronic Public Road Trade Control System) consultancy
  • Customs and excise duty advisory services

What do we promise you?

Our work is characterised by client-focus, high quality, accuracy and professionalism.

    > Reduxing tax risks

    > Discretion

    > Complex expertise- from a single source

    > Reliability

Reducing tax risks

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With the help of our experienced and reliable professionals, we ensure that the tax affairs of your business are always in order. We also support you in avoiding the often typical mistakes that lead to penalties, thereby achieving significant savings for your business.


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Your company’s tax affairs constitute business secrets, kept in confidence between you and us. We exercise special caution to ensure that any specific, unique situation you bring to us is never disclosed.

Complex knowledge from a single source

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With our dedicated contact person, you can enjoy the benefit of a “one-stop shop” service, in the framework of which we work seamlessly with our team of national and international experts in the interest of the results you expect. Our outstanding professionals will do their utmost to ensure that Forvis Mazars delivers the best possible performance tailored to your business needs.


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When answering your questions, we also provide detailed explanations, accompanied by specific references to the relevant provisions of law. In certain special cases, we also obtain a formal opinion from the relevant authorities. This way, we not only demonstrate the reliability of our position, but also protect the anonymity of your business in front of the authorities.


Choose from our tax advisory services

Tax consultancy for multinational companies

You can rely on Forvis Mazars' 30 years of experience even in a multinational environment. We provide full domestic or international consultancy and ongoing cooperation.

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Tax consultancy and tax planning services for business organisations

Thanks to our extensive professional experience, we provide a full range of tax consultancy services for business organisations. We also provide consultancy on direct and indirect taxes, local taxes, regulatory issues and specific transactions.
Thanks to our flexible conditions, we also offer flat-rate or monthly cooperation options.

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International tax consultancy

Are you planning to set up an international head office or to restructure your operations? We can help you keep your tax affairs simple and transparent.

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Tax representation and tax due diligence, managing tax risks

tax due diligence helps detect possible risks before an audit by the tax authority, so these errors can be rectified by self-revision without having to pay fines and late payment surcharges. In our experience, it is worth using the services of a tax advisor from the earliest possible stage of the audit, as there is a multiple-times return of its cost by way of a reduction of the fines and other findings.

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Compliance and local tax planning

Our consultants actively support clients with respect to questions on corporate tax, local business tax, innovation contribution, as well as various levies and sectoral taxes. 

We can help:

  • identifying tax base and tax benefit opportunities
  • request for classification at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office in the case of R&D projects
  • full-scale support from the preparation of decisionpreparatory calculations concerning establishment as a                    corporate taxpayer to the administration of the declaration
  • complete advisory services concerning transfer pricing

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VAT advisory services

In the life of a tax subject it is usually VAT that causes the most headache; furthermore, decisions concluding tax audits most frequently also end with findings of significant tax difference in connection with VAT. In the framework of VAT advising, our colleagues are prepared to assist you with with tasks starting from the planning of the entire structure, through providing support in the tax aspects of one-time, special transactions, and down to the most practical question.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • The designing of entire transactions with an aim to reducing administrative burdens and utilising possible cash flow advantages.
  • Relying on our extensive international network, establishing or reviewing the correct tax approach in case of intra-Community or third-country transactions.
  • Participation with expertise in cases pending before the tax authority or the courts.
  • VAT-related problems, difficulties of interpretation, with the use of the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities.
  • Providing opinions on the VAT consequences and the optimisation of individual transactions (e.g. customer’s inventory, reverse charge mechanism, successive statements of account, etc.).

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Reducing the environmental product fee- planning and optimisation

To this day, we encounter companies in our practice that pay huge amounts as product fee merely because the reporting that is supposed to support their filings is unsuitable or confusing. They have useless records for this data supply obligation and it is unclear what they pay or do not pay product charges for, and especially for what reasons.

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How can we help?

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Let us work together for the optimal development of your business!

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