M&A advisory and transaction services

Our experts have extensive experience in M&A advisory to both sellers and buyers.

We support transactions with high quality M&A advisory, valuation and due diligence services. If you need financing to complete a transaction or to make an investment, our experts can advise you on the financing to help you achieve your goals.

About our services

Steps of a successful company sale

Selling an enterprise is a serious decision, requiring the consideration of many aspects. In addition to ensuring the company lands in the best possible hands, it is no less important to conclude the transaction at an optimal profit. The following provides information on the complex process of selling a company, helping to clarify the fundamental notions, the method of determining company value, and providing practical tips for selling the company successfully.

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M&A advisory

Forvis Mazars' full range of M&A advisory services provide useful support at every step of the sale and acquisition process.

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Valuation services

Whether it's establishing the value of a company or a business, determining the value of assets or preparing a business plan, Forvis Mazars valuation services credibly support our clients in achieving their goals.

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Transaction services

Our Transaction Services help clients to identify and manage the risks inherent in a proposed transaction, as well as to identify and exploit opportunities.

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Our advisory services related to financing

Our experts will provide you with independent financial, tax and legal due diligence to support credibility and assist the financing process.

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