IFRS Newsletter- English- August 2014

The August edition of IFRS newsletter published by Mazars presents the most important news of the month.

The IASB finalised a number of publications. These include the complete version of IFRS 9 on financial instruments, published in July.

While this publication, along with the issue of IFRS 15 in May, brings two major projects to a conclusion, other long-term projects arestill awaiting completion.The continued redeliberations on the Leases project will receive particular attention, not least in the light of the consultation initiatives launched by EFRAG and the main European accounting standard-setters.

Redeliberations on accounting for insurance contracts will also take time and energy, while work on the conceptual framework should result in the publication of an exposure draft in the first quarter of 2015. Hence the coming months will be busy and perhaps turbulent in the world of IFRSs. Beyond the GAAP will continue to steer you through these developments.

In the current edition of Beyond the GAAP we summarize the latest international and European highlights and we give an overview about the IASB clarifications on the accounting treatment of joint arrangements.

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IFRS Newsletter- English- August 2014