Tax-effective design of business transactions

Our tax planning service is available to support all our clients who wish to make a tax-conscious decision in the course of transactions of the day-to-day business or in carrying out extraordinary transactions of significant value.

As a result of a properly designed arrangement that takes into consideration tax rules to the maximum extent, individual transactions or even the system-level operation of the business can be achieved at a significantly less cost in comparison with the situation where the task of the financial manager is limited to the subsequent accountant of the transactions already carried out and the payment of the associated tax burdens. In the interest of the above, it is an important and sensible decision, as well as one yielding multiple return on the investment, if the taxation processes are designed with the involvement of a tax advisor. Using the knowledge and experience of a professional tax expert brings value whether it is about tax planning concerning the VAT, which is uniquely high in Hungary in European comparison, or exploiting the possibilities inherent in corporate income tax or tax base, or even the introduction of business promotions.

Conducting due diligence with respect to the existing structures from a tax point of view may also be necessary from time to time. Even if a well-designed transaction structure can be generally used well in the longer term, due to frequent legislative changes, it makes sense to review them in the medium term, and if necessary, it is worth rethinking the structure.

Our tax planning services include, among other things:

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