Philippe Norre is appointed as Tax Services Leader

Mazars in Qatar welcomes its Tax Services Leader, Philippe Norre

Philippe has just under 30 years of experience across all areas of Direct and Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing and Customs/Excise Tax with, amongst others, a deep experience in Tax Technology Solutions, Tax Function set-up and Finance Function transformation and end-to-end tailored Tax compliance.

Philippe’s journey has been largely within the Big-4 and he has been one of the architects of the new VAT systems in the GCC, having advised the authorities in Oman, Bahrain and UAE and having sat on the GCC VAT Committee meetings.


The Gulf region and Qatar are going through significant Tax transformations with Transfer Pricing rules being rolled out and VAT about to be introduced in Qatar.   Philippe will lead the Tax Service line for Mazars in Qatar expanding our services to our valued clients, aligned with Mazars growth vision in the Middle east.

Philippe gained his experience across the World, including in the Middle East since 2008, so he is fully familiar with the business culture.  Being a Corporate and Tax Lawyer, he brings to his clients and contacts a unique blend of Tax technical understanding and business tailored implementation.  He will also lead the Tax technology solutions for the Firm, bringing to our clients tailored solutions for Tax and accounting automation with AI, Predictive Analytics and Blockchain amongst others.

Some of his previous roles:

  • Head of Tax and Corporate services - KPMG Bahrain.
  • Acting Head of Tax and Corporate services - KPMG Middle East.
  • Founder and Head of ITCC (now KGSH), KPMG's Global VAT Compliance and Automation Centre - KPMG Budapest.
  • Global Indirect Tax Compliance and Tax Reporting Strategy lead – PwC UK.