Companies can no longer neglect ecological and social standards

Environmentally friendly and socially responsible business is becoming a necessity. Companies are under pressure from the Legislation from the European Union, but also from clients. Read the article for Euractiv about the new reporting conditions that will now affect tens of thousands of businesses in the EU.

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Large companies in Slovakia can no longer (and do not want to, too) generate profit at the expense of the environment and society. Some do so on their own initiative or on the initiative of their parent foreign company, others because the European Union orders them to do so. Clients who demand goods and services produced in a sustainable way are putting more and more pressure on them.

However, the motivation to change their behaviour is not the climate crisis itself. This was found in a qualitative survey that we published in cooperation with the research agency Ipsos Slovakia. Ten large companies operating throughout Slovakia in the segments of manufacture, automotive industry, IT, retail, telecommunications and transport participated in it.

Read the article for the Euractiv portal by Martin Dolinský, sustainability expert at Mazars. Please note the article is in Slovak language.

What you will learn:

  • ESG criteria – a new term that companies cannot ignore
  • Why promoting change is neither easy nor cheap
  • The readiness of companies is crucial
  • New conditions for 50,000 European companies - who do they concern?

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