Sustainable approach as a key milestone for SMEs

Companies and organisations regarding sustainable approach in their business tend to succeed more with investors. They can position the company better and ensure successful merger or acquisition easier.

ESG is an acronym associated with responsible business. These are environmental, social and governance principles within the organization. Business leaders are expected to ensure the sustainability of their activities. According to Mazars C-suite barometer 2021, more than two-thirds of leaders expect their business to transform their sustainability strategy in the coming years.

Thanks to the upcoming European legislation, these three pillars will become increasingly important not only in large international corporations. They will also make sense for smaller local or regional SMEs.

It is no longer just about reputation or positive PR. Companies that adhere to the principles of the ESG will not only gain an optimistic attitude from the public. In addition, they will be able to discuss confidently with the investor or the bank.

Our three experts Jana Ružická, Sustainability Director, Martin Váross, Partner at Consulting and Igor Mišík, Senior Manager at Financial advisory have recently been interviewed by Trend magazine. You may find their insights & points of view in the Trend Prime publication. The interview is in Slovak language only.

In the article you will learn:

  • How do company leaders perceive the difference between ESG and CSR?
  • Why does the company have to provide data on ESG activities and risks?
  • What can help SMEs to integrate ESG principles?
  • How do investors rate companies that systematically manage and reduce ESG risks?

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