Forvis Mazars in Slovakia has a new Managing Partner

Alena Sermeková took over with more than 25 years of experience in auditing.

May 2024

Alena Sermeková has worked in several international audit and consulting companies. She has extensive experience in auditing statutory financial statements and financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS. She also specialises in audit of consolidated financial statements, financial reviews, PPAs, mergers and other assurance services. She provides trainings in IFRS, Slovak Auditing Standards and Accounting Standards.

Alena's goal is not only to maintain the continuity and quality of the services provided by Mazars, but to take it to the next level and bring added value to clients thanks to modern technology, AI, robotics and automation. She believes the biggest opportunity is in accounting and audit, which the new Managing Partner says will give auditors more time for personal contact with clients and a deeper understanding of their business.

"A key topic for us at the moment is sustainability; it is no longer a question of the future for firms, but also of the present. I'm glad at Forvis Mazars we have a great team for ESG advisory. It is very important for us to bring our clients improvements in their processes in this regard, so that they can grasp sustainability in the right way and contribute to the protection of the environment and our quality of life," says Alena Sermeková. She underlines that Forvis Mazars is a company that has sustainability and social conscience firmly anchored in its brand pillars and strives for it in every area of its operations.

Another service that Forvis Mazars will continue to focus on under the new leadership is developing leaders and their professional and personal resilience. "It's a very good topic and service that we want to take forward. I think it is extremely important that in these fast-paced times, leaders know how to lead their teams and make the right decisions," states the new Managing Partner, who, in addition to her experience, wants to bring a human approach to the company and its clients. She has the ambition to continue building a work environment and brand that employees will be proud of. "You can't do that without respect for people. It is our colleagues who are our most valuable asset, their work makes Forvis Mazars a stable company and a reliable business partner. And we are well aware of that." adds Alena Sermeková.

Alena, with her experience, will lead Forvis Mazars in an important period of rebranding. Mazars, together with FORVIS, the eighth largest public accounting firm in the US, will form a new global network on 1 June 2024. This will further enable both firms to bring new service opportunities, particularly for clients with intercontinental needs.

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