PERMA leadership academy

You ask yourself questions: Which leadership concept is the “best” one? Are the needs of today’s working world different from the one before the pandemic? How? Is it even important? What makes PERMA leadership special? Are there approaches that have a direct impact on increasing the need for meaningfulness and engagement of people in your team?

If you are interested in the answers to these questions, the four modules of the PERMA program are here for you.

Module 1: PERMA Leadership

“Leadership from the inside”: Self-leadership. Resilience. Ethics. (Dimensions of PERMA Leadership, Competencies of PERMA Leadership: self-awareness, self-regulation, realistic optimism, critical thinking, energy-management, perseverance, relationships).
Module duration: 4 hours

Module 2: Leadership & followership I.

Stakeholder management.
Module duration: 4 hours

Module 3: Leadership & Followership II.

Creation and implementation of a strategy for building good relations between individual stakeholders based on a stakeholder map.
Module duration: 4 hours

Module 4: Building sustainable communities:

My team, my company, my family. Creating a culture of psychological safety. Leadership, ethics & excellence. Creating an implementation strategy that supports individual Well-Being and corporate excellence.
Module duration: 4 hours

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