How Mazars in Slovakia achieved EcoVadis certification and demonstrated its commitment to sustainability

EcoVadis certification is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) standard that measures a company's environmental, social, and ethical performance. Learn more about our journey to EcoVadis' Silver Medal.

This standard is becoming increasingly important for companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable business practices. Mazars in Slovakia is proud to have achieved the Ecovadis recognition to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.


The journey and its obstacles

However, EcoVadis certification can be difficult to achieve, with several potential blocking points. It is important to understand the obstacles which can arise when implementing this CSR standard and the benefits it can bring to the company.

  • First, the standard is very strict on sustainability, which means the company must show that it has strong environmental, social and ethical policies in place.
  • Second, the company must be able to demonstrate that these policies are implementedconsistently throughout the organization.
  • Finally, the company must provide evidence of the environmental, social, and ethical performance of its organization, which can be difficult to measure.

What is the added value

With this new certification, Mazars will be able to help its clients and business partners improve their operations and become more sustainable. Indeed, Mazars can now in turn certify business partners and certify clients wishing to undergo the same certification.


Mazars in Slovakia is in the 89th percentile, meaning that the score is higher than or equal to the score of 89 percent of all companies rated by EcoVadis. The percentile rank is calculated at the time of score publication.


The four categories analyzed

  • Environment
  • Labour and human rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable procurement

Thanks to an action plan, we will be able to continue to improve on these four criteria and pass the EcoVadis assessment again in the future, with the hope of proving our sustainability and relevance in today's labour market with a new medal.

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