Mazars & Crowdberry partnership

The largest alternative investment platform in Slovakia and Czech Republic Crowdberry and Mazars have signed a cooperation agreement. Considering recent extraordinary development, their common aim is to help privately-owned businesses at all stages of their business lifecycle, from start-up through to exit.

Common mission

The cooperation is focused on both companies and investors in order to connect innovative private and family businesses with a smart capital and thus contribute to their growth and value for the owners and future economy.

The initial idea of this cooperation roots in the common objectives of both firms to contribute to the future prosperity of society. Crowberry’s proficiency goes from implementing growth plans for entrepreneurs and providing alternative options for capital appreciation, to improving resources and capital allocation within the economy.

Mazars’ competence ranges from selecting the right business structure or complying with local regulatory and audit requirements, to specialist expertise for mergers and acquisitions, efficient tax planning or IT advice in order to keep ahead of the relentless pace of digitalization.

,,Running a successful privately owned business is never straightforward. We are aware that the risks, challenges and opportunities SMEs and startups face are unique. Mazars aims to give them confidence in all aspects of their work and support them in achieving their visions: creating value, building a legacy and being part of a greater mission,” said Mickaël Compagnon, Mazars Slovakia managing partner.

„SMEs and startups are engines of innovation and growth. They create attractive local jobs and value over mature businesses, inspiring competition and disrupting the economy to evolve. Our mission is to give them tools to break barriers to succeed and advocate for the entrepreneurs behind them. Joining forces with Mazars is a further catalyst in all aspects of international business development for the Slovak SME and Startup segment with a goal to accelerate innovation and the overall impact to our society,“ said Daniel Gašpar, Crowdberry partner.

Importance of the SME segment in society

In a constantly changing economic environment, the main benefits of SMEs are in their agility, dynamism and innovation. These firms are able to respond quickly and are highly adaptable in a changing environment and their creativity fuels the spirit of entrepreneurship and economic growth.

This has been proven also in SME Competitiveness Outlook 2020 findings published by International Trade Center showing that  21% of global SMEs were agile in their response to the crises compared to 16% of larger firms. According to the European Commission SMEs represent 99% of all businesses in EU. They employ two out of every three employees and generate three-fifth of the EU value-added. In the last five years they created 85% of new jobs, so tailor made support through investments and smart capital is essential.

Crowdberry and Mazars consider as crucial to professionalize the SME and startup ecosystem that creates favorable conditions for growth, innovations and development for sustainable solutions that are resilient to future challenges. Further mission is to support investors navigating through unstable business environment on their way to choose for the right investment opportunities with a significant growth potential. Despite the challenging times, most of investors (74% according to recent Mazar´s COVID-19 and the World of Private Equity survey) are still open for businesses and looking for new opportunities.