Innovators at Mazars

Innovation and transformation are words that we hear, read or write several times a day. But how do we make sense of all these new technological, societal or business trends? How do companies implement some of these changes in practice? And most importantly, how do businesses move from ‘doing’ digital to ‘being’ digital?

To start answering these questions, we invite you to discover “Innovators At Mazars”. Meet the faces of innovation and transformation at Mazars: they are diverse, international, entrepreneurial, talented and most importantly, human. In a world of uncertainty, what is certain is that all industries, sectors and professions are being impacted by change. Today, innovation is simply no longer reserved to a mere few geeks.

Join us on a journey that will demystify and simplify, but also explain pragmatically how some concepts and technologies are being applied concretely in companies to solve real life issues. It is also the occasion to revisit certain ideas, as well as to imagine what the future holds.













Featured innovators

Finding the right recipe to scale-up and disseminate innovation throughout a multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-generational organisation is not an easy task; however, it is exciting and achievable.

Claire Cizaire Mazars Group Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Claire tells us all about the challenges when it comes to spreading innovation, but she also shares her magic recipe for success. Dive into her paper to learn more.

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The hardest thing when it comes to change is about getting out of one’s comfort zone – and this has nothing to do with age, it is a question of mindset.

Carsten Schläwe Partner, Head of Industry Sector, Mazars in Germany

Carsten leads Innovation & Change Culture in Germany, so he is well placed to share with us first-hand the pain points when driving change in a large organisation, and how to overcome them through cultural change initiatives.

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I have a simple conviction: change projects, if they are well conducted, are of both economic and human value.

Erwan Nabat Partner, Change Management Communication, Mazars in France

As an experienced change management consultant, Erwan shares his insight into why business projects fail and how we can capitalise on these failures to turn them into successes. Learn how to turn mistakes into strengths.

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When it comes to digital transformation, look no further than to your own employees. Innovation driven by ‘consumers’ of IT solutions within the company can place the organisation on the digitisation fast-track.

Frank Keessen IT Director, Mazars in the Netherlands

The IT department is witnessing the rise of ‘citizen developers’, ordinary employees who have mastered platforms to create their own IT tools within the business. In his article, Frank explains how these new profiles within organisations can bring about positive change and why management should keep an eye on them.

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Robotic Process Automation holds the key to the future of work. The difference between the leaders and laggards in the market will lie in the ability of organisations to embrace these new kinds of technologies.

Partner, Head of Robotics Centre, Mazars in Slovakia

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is evolving rapidly and is becoming all the more sophisticated with the improvements in different Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Take a glimpse at the future of work.

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