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Achieving success in the consumer goods sector requires agility and ingenuity. Companies must navigate shifting consumer trends, pricing pressures and changing models. To achieve growth and maintain market share, businesses must adopt the right strategy and place an emphasis on flexibility and resilience. At Forvis Mazars, our consumer goods specialists can help you make sense of the new market paradigm. We can help you develop a strategy that is the right fit for you to ensure you thrive. 

Our approach

Consumer goods companies operate in a challenging market, under constant pressure from geopolitical uncertainty, fierce competition, shifting consumer behaviours, technological changes, sustainability imperatives, increasing globalisation and transforming retail channels. The companies that are able to meet their customers’ demands often achieve this through heavy investment and optimal supply chain performance.

Our specialists provide sector-specific advice across tax, audit and advisory services to help you put your company in the strongest position possible. Your company’s success is your top priority, so we work hard to identify your needs and provide solutions that are the right fit for your business.

Our team of international experts work with clients of all sizes to provide valuable financial and commercial insight. Our approach is pragmatic and personal, drawing on our extensive technical abilities to help you develop a strategy that aligns with your long-term objectives. Our audit, advisory and tax experts can help you to:

Align your organisation with new market opportunities
We can help you establish new businesses or move into emerging and growth markets. We ensure the success of your acquisitions and partnership projects or the disposal of non-strategic assets by providing financial advisory, legal and tax support, taking local specificities and regulations into account.

Optimise and secure your operations
To improve and safeguard your operations, our team can support you in assessing the quality of providers and auditing third parties. We can help you to review contractual obligations, manage issues related to global sourcing and reinforce control over your distribution networks while preventing fraud.

Boost your performance to create value
It is vital to enhance your business’ competitiveness and relevance for consumers. We can help to reinforce brand identity and implement differentiation strategy, always bearing sustainability imperatives in mind. Our data analysts and technology experts improve your digital performance through reliable technology and data management so you can predict sales, optimise logistics and gain consumer insights. Our sustainability experts can also help you drive meaningful change by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into your long-term strategy, bringing traceability on supply chains and creating value for your business.

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