Infrastructure & capital projects

Infrastructure is critical for economies and societies to grow and flourish. It helps businesses and people to connect and enables services crucial for healthy communities. However, infrastructure requirements are different globally with the developed world in need of urgent renewal and emerging markets in need of major expansion. We offer integrated infrastructure services tailored to our clients’ needs ranging from project advisory to financing and tax and accounting through to the asset lifecycle from pre-feasibility to decommissioning.

Our approach

At a global level, there is a significant drive for economic and social infrastructure. This worldwide build-out is driven by the needs of public authorities and is creating huge opportunities for private operators, investors, and owners. However, fresh thinking is important in a market where the risks are large and major challenges such as climate change are shaping the world in which we live.

Our global, integrated team has experience advising across the industry, from ports to hospitals combining industry expertise with specialised skills. When working with public authorities we deliver support to achieve value for money and transparency through effective procurement and financial analysis. For our private sector clients, we help maximise returns across the project lifecycle for developers, operators, owners and investors through strong, risk-aware financial management and tax optimisation.

Our global leading due diligence teams (model, tax and financial) provide you with independent assurance that your lending and investment decision is based on a sound and robust financial model.

The financial model is the foundation of all infrastructure development. Predicting future returns via modelling is a core competency. We believe that robust models unlock investment opportunities, facilitate efficient finance structures, and are essential for capital investment and M&A. We develop models using our externally recognised methodology providing client-friendly, accurate and transparent tools for decision making at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Big projects and complex arrangements define the sector and sometimes these do not go as planned. Our Forensic and Investigation Services team helps you to identify and quantify financial exposure through our dedicated commercial dispute resolution and investigation specialists.  We support you throughout the process to achieve successful risk management and commercial resolution.

Digitalisation and data are driving innovation in the sector and are some of the most important assets in any organisation. We help you harness the power of your data to improve business performance and profit, support growth, manage risk and strengthen competitive advantage. We also help you protect data against cyberattacks and help ensure that organisations comply with data privacy laws and regulations. 

The scale and longevity of infrastructure projects put our clients at the forefront of the increasing demands for responsible corporate citizenship. We have built leading expertise in fields such as environmental regulation and green accounting. We help companies to develop systems and governance frameworks to demonstrate their activities are sustainable. We help you to meet the requirements of regulators and consumers, support investment in sustainable projects and offer assurance your supply chains are also operating sustainably while benchmarking anti-corruption programmes.

Our services

  • Financial model audit that applies rigorous quality control criteria when working on and assessing the robustness of any financial model.
  • Financial modelling of projects using the Forvis Mazars modelling standard.
  • A range of infrastructure advisory services from lead advisory to transaction support and bid advisory.
  • Valuation services ranging from asset and portfolio valuations to acting as the valuation agent for listed funds.
  • Bespoke training courses focused on financial modelling techniques, such as project finance, M&A, valuations and renewable energy.
  • Infrastructure tax and accounting that offers informed opinions on both tax and accounting issues in your local jurisdiction and across borders.
  • Financial management support from accounting, outsourcing, tax compliance and statutory audit from wherever you are operating.
  • Consulting support to enhance your cyber security and to help you manage operational risks from construction through to operational and divestment phases.
  • Consulting and support on developing systems, governance and reporting on sustainable infrastructure and finance activities.

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