Quality vision: Trust through quality

In an accountancy firm with our ambition belongs a clear quality vision, which we have formulated as follows: Forvis Mazars enhances trust through leading quality.

Forvis Mazars enhances trust through leading quality

This is our purpose and what Forvis Mazars stands for. This is what gives us relevance in society. This quality vision has been built on three pillars:

  • Trust
  • Leadership
  • Quality

Quality within ethical and legal frameworks is what you may expect from us when we deliver our services to you. Quality equals dynamics and, therefore, we need to constantly innovate. In being leaders, we excel at being valuable and connecting, when it comes to our behaviour. This behaviour determines whether we are relevant and authoritative. Trust in us is in fact our raison d’être. Accountant or adviser, society counts on us to conduct our business correctly and ethically. And we would like to keep on earning that trust.


Ton Tuinier


“Quality is a dynamic process, which is continuously subject to change and innovation.”


Peter Hopstaken


“Good quality is a priority and it makes us valuable in our social role and for our clients by adding reliability for the stakeholder to the information they provided us with.”


Frank Walta


“As a partner, I am aware of the relatively large influence I can and want to exert on the movement we are making towards a quality-oriented culture.”

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