Third Party Assurance

‘How safe is my data with you?’ is a question you will have to deal with very often. Transparency about the way you handle data is of great importance. Your clients desire to know which measures you have taken and according to which standards you operate. But which IT guidelines do you have to comply with?

The specialists of Forvis Mazars can advise you and provide you with audit & assurance reports. Offering safety and assurance is a rising requirement in quotation and tendering processes. The added value of security and transparency is increasingly recognised and seen as part of the IT service to be provided.

What is the IT reality?

By conducting a third party investigation, we not merely look at the procedures, but also at the IT reality: how has the system been set up, how is the system used, what risks does this entail and how are they managed? Through a report you can answer the questions and expectations of your clients. Third party memorandums provide assurance about the control of outsourced services. A third independent party provides insight into the extent to which a process or system meets predefined standards. The most famous third party memorandum in the market is the ISAE 3000 standard, from which the ISAE 3402 and SOC 2 standards are derived. This internationally accepted standard makes it possible to demonstrate to stakeholders that your internal processes and systems meet the set quality standards

Forvis Mazars can help you with

The Forvis Mazars IT Audit & Advisory team consists, in addition to qualified IT auditors, of specialists and advisors in the field of IT governance and compliance, privacy regulation, information security, cybersecurity and data analysis. Our team is compact, agile, has specialist knowledge and national and international coverage. Our knowledge and experience range from providing all kinds of digital assurance and removing cybersecurity risks to determining whether the relevant digital laws and regulations are complied with. Furthermore, we can identify problems in IT projects, perform IT due diligence and veritably digitally transform an entire (IT) organisation.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more? Please contact Achmed Bouazza by e-mail or by telephone: +31 (0) 88 277 13 88 or with Niels Verhagen by e-mail or by telephone: +31 (0) 88 277 12 13. They will gladly help you.

Want to know more?