Digital Quality Assurance

Adequate project management helps you control every phase of an IT project. By defining objectives, preconditions, expectations and responsibilities in advance, you keep your projects manageable and controllable.

Our specialists are happy to help you. They monitor the content and objectives of your project and take a critical look at the way in which the project is carried out. Together with you, if necessary, they fulfil the role of Quality Assurance. With this method, you are assured of manageable project execution and the outcome you expect from the IT project.

An organisation not only wants the certainty that projects are being carried out properly. The question ‘have I started the right project?’ is also very relevant. The specialists of IT Audit & Advisory can make a link between your organisational strategy and IT policy. This helps you clarify whether your IT project fits in well with your organisational strategy. Thus, you are not only assured of a well-executed IT project, you are also assured that you are carrying out the right project as part of your strategy.

Forvis Mazars can help you with

In addition to qualified IT auditors, Forvis Mazars' IT Audit & Advisory team consists of specialists and advisors in the areas of IT governance and compliance, privacy regulations, information security, cybersecurity and data analysis. Our team is compact, agile, with specialist knowledge and national and international coverage. Our knowledge and experience range from providing all kinds of digital assurance and removing cybersecurity risks to determining whether relevant digital laws and regulations are complied with. In addition, we can identify issues in IT projects, carry out IT due diligence and veritably digitally transform an entire (IT) organisation.

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Do you want to know more? Please contact Tom Lamers by e-mail or by telephone: +31 (0)88 277 16 27 or with Gert-Jan Gerrits by e-mail or by telephone: +31 (0)88 277 19 54. They will gladly help you.

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