Transparency report 2022 / 2023

28 December 2023 - We invest in our people, culture and behaviour, quality assurance systems and the demonstrably good and leading (technical) quality of our work. We continued to work unabated on our quality vision 'Trust through Quality'. After all, quality and reputation are crucial to Mazars' continued existence and development.

This report provides a transparent overview of the past financial year in which we elaborate on how we fulfil our quality ambition.

We strive to be the employer of choice that attracts and retains talent. We make every effort to ensure that we offer talent a diverse and inclusive work environment in which every professional can fully develop, with equal pay for men and women being the norm. Consequently, on Tuesday 29 August 2023, we received the 'Equal Pay for Men and Women' certificate with the distinction of “Excellence” from Erasmus Q-Intelligence. This is the highest achievable result which we are proud of.

We are determined to rise to the challenge of creating a sustainable world. We do this through our strategy that helps us offer sustainability services to our clients. Moreover, as an organisation ourselves, we also have a clear objective in this area. To ensure our quality assurance systems and the demonstrably good and leading quality of our work, we put the necessary energy and resources into strengthening our Compliance, quality monitoring & risk department, tools and processes.

We believe that our insights and services enable organisations to operate with greater confidence, make the right decisions and report more transparently to stakeholders. For us, this is the basis of trust between companies and society as a whole.

The European Regulation on statutory audits of public interest entities states that an audit firm that carries out statutory audits of a public interest entity must produce a transparency report within four months of the end of its financial year.

We hereby present our Transparency Report 2022 / 2023.


Transparency Report 2022 / 2023

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