Publication book 'Divorce and tac aspects 2020'

25 June 2020 - If spouses decide to file for divorce, they will be stressed with many questions of a legal and financial nature. Fiscal aspects are associated with almost all of these questions. The importance of this should not be underestimated by those involved and their advisers.

The publication "Divorce and tax aspects 2020" was recently published. The authors of this divorce monograph are Johan Zuiderwijk and Sanne Jansen-Verbakel, both working within the Estate Planning Section of Mazars.
This monograph takes a detailed look at the tax aspects of divorce. Successively, this results in an overview of relevant tax laws, maintenance obligations, settlement of a (limited) marriage community and settlement of marriage conditions. Many practical examples have been adopted, partly on the basis of current policy statements and case law.
This monograph is regularly used (as course material) in family law practice.

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