Replay: webinar | Assurance in cloud services

The deployment of cloud applications has a broad scope within organizations. In addition, customers of cloud services are making demands on the security of cloud services, partly under pressure from increasing regulations and from the perspective of risk management. This brings challenges for suppliers of cloud services. Discover during our webinar how Mazars deals with audits within the agile and complex environments of cloud service providers.

Cloud service providers want to offer a generic service to various customers with different compliance requirements. In doing so, customers are confronted with stricter regulations regarding data and privacy protection about which security is required. The customers of cloud customers also demand these guarantees.

How can you provide security to your customers as a provider of cloud services? And also in a way that provides the required assurances to the widest possible target group? How do you deal with AVG requirements and ethical issues surrounding algorithms and artificial intelligence?

We would like to give you a look behind the scenes and tell you about our experiences with ISAE and SOC audits at providers of cloud applications, what our pragmatic approach looks like and how you can be unburdened by a "single audit - multi purpose" approach.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?