Mazars elects a new board

10 October 2016 - Mazars Accountants and Tax Advisers appointed a new Executive Board, consisting of Ton Tuinier (chairman), Hans Viskil, Peter Hopstaken, Wim Lubben and Mark Lucas Luijckx. Mark Lucas Luijckx, specialised in advising private clients, has joined the Executive Board of Mazars. Now, its composition is even more in line with Mazars’ strategic ambitions and the international Mazars organisation, which safeguards the seamless international cooperation.

Chairman Ton Tuinier: “Mazars’ Executive Board believes a quality-oriented culture and corresponding behaviour are paramount. This is reflected in the way we interact within the organisation, teams and with each other. But in the interaction with our clients, stakeholders and surroundings as well. In our search for a sustainable return, we believe it is very important to keep investing in the quality of people. This Executive Board wishes to add value to both the organisation and society.”

The Executive Board now consists of:

Ton Tuinier
After completing his studies in 1982, Ton Tuinier (1960) started as a tax adviser at Mazars. He has been a partner since 1996. He specialises in corporate and international tax issues. Tuinier has been a member of the Executive Board since 2008 and he was responsible for the Dutch tax practice. Furthermore, he is the Global Head of Tax and responsible for the development of the tax practice of Mazars group. He will continue to be the chairman of the Executive Board.

Hans Viskil
Hans Viskil (1965) has been working in audit since 1988. In 1992, Viskil started working at Mazars in the audit and consulting practice and has been active as a partner since 2000. He will be the leader of the consultancy practice. Moreover, within the Mazars group, he has a role in the field of international ‘owner managed business'.

Peter Hopstaken
After completing the study Business Economics in 1987, Peter Hopstaken (1962) started at Mazars as an auditor. He has been active as a partner since 2001. From his position, next to his work and managerial role in the audit & assurance practice, he is a board member of the Foundation for Audit Research and the NBA OPAK committee (consultative body of the Dutch Professional Accountants Association).

Wim Lubben
Wim Lubben (1960) has been employed at Mazars since 1985 and has been a partner since 1996. As auditor for medium-sized organisations, he focuses on family businesses. Lubben will be responsible for the Dutch accounting & outsourcing practice.

Mark Lucas Luijckx
Mark Lucas Luijckx (1972) studied Civil Law and Tax Law at the University of Leiden. Since 1997, he has been working for Mazars Private Clients in The Hague. He has been active as a partner since 2006. Furthermore, as an editor or an author, he publishes in several tax magazines and he is a lecturer at the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers. His expertise is international Estate Planning. He has been appointed Deputy Head of Tax for Mazars group in 2014. Lucas Luijckx will be leading the tax practice in the Netherlands.

About Mazars

Mazars specialises in accountancy, tax and advisory services. Based on its knowledge of these specialised areas, Mazars creates opportunities for (international) companies, public sector organisations, SMEs, entrepreneurs and High networth individuals. Mazars wants to  inspire and analyse, create and control, innovate and evaluate. With its enterprising approach, Mazars creates value for its clients.

Mazars in the Netherlands is a part of the Mazars group, which has 17,000 professionals active in 77 countries. This group is characterised by its integrated character and close international cooperation. 

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