Mazars strengthens its Audit & Assurance partner team

10 December 2019 – As of 1 January 2020, Egon de Prouw will join Mazars Ac-countants and Advisers as partner, further strengthening the Audit & Assur-ance practice.

About Egon de Prouw (1983)

Egon de Prouw - Versterkt partnerteam

Egon has worked for Mazars as an auditor since 2001. In 2011, he graduated from Nyenrode Business University. Since 2016 he has been Director and external auditor of Mazars and currently he is also the Leader of the Cultural Sector.

De Prouw has a real hands-on mentality and genuinely likes to help people. For his clients he is their auditor, sparring partner and sounding board. As Leader of the Culture Sector he is a specialist for cultural institutions, such as theatres, art venues and museums. Engagements for clients in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States have given him broad experience of working in and with different cultures, always in service of the accountancy profession and focused on delivering leading quality.

Alongside his role as auditor, Egon is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, he teaches at Nyenrode Business University and he is a regular speaker at internal and external meetings.

About Mazars

Mazars is an accountancy, tax advice and consultancy specialist. Our knowledge of these professional disciplines allows us to provide the best possible services to national and international enterprises, public sector organisations, SME entrepreneurs and High-net-worth individuals. When working with us, you can expect the utmost quality within ethical and legal frameworks. Our clients’ trust in our judgement is the reason we exist. Mazars combines an in-depth knowledge of the current regulations with a passion for any future challenges. In this way, we contribute to the sustainable yield of our clients and to society as a whole.

Mazars in the Netherlands forms part of the Mazars Group. Mazars Group has 40,000 professionals serving global clients: 24,000 professionals across 89 countries in Mazars’ unique integrated partnership, and 16,000 professionals in the United States and Canada via Mazars North America Alliance.

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