Mazars appoints Erna Versteegden and Mariëtte Turkenburg to the Supervisory Board

2 December 2022 - Mazars has appointed Erna Versteegden and Mariëtte Turkenburg to its Supervisory Board.

Marga Hoek, vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board since the beginning, is stepping down due to the desired diverse replacement of Supervisory Board members as well as her international portfolio. Moreover, Mazars considers it important to add a fourth Supervisory Board member. Important consideration for this is that the Supervisory Board will have a broader approach to supervision and involvement across all service lines. Moreover, a broader Supervisory Board will create even more diversity in knowledge, background and characters, which contributes to the quality of the Supervisory Board and therefor Mazars.

As of this moment, the Supervisory Board consists of Henk Broeders, Pieter Jongstra, Erna Versteegden and Mariëtte Turkenburg.

Attention to quality and to change

Ton Tuinier, chairman of Mazars' Executive Board, is delighted to welcome Erna Versteegden and Mariëtte Turkenburg as members of Mazars' Supervisory Board: "We have come to know Erna Versteegden as an advisor with a strong vision of where quality within our sector needs to move to and what is needed to achieve this. Looking at what is needed from Mazars' role, she will be excellent at overseeing our culture and change agenda and risk management. Mariëtte Turkenburg is an experienced professional and specialist. In addition, we have noticed her passion for strengthening diversity at the top of the Dutch business community. Looking at Mazars, she will be excellent at helping to oversee the tax advisory practice and strengthening diversity."

Erna Versteegden

Erna Versteegden

Erna Versteegden (1967), business advisor and specialist focused on change processes, leadership and D&I, built an international career after her studies. Initially, she worked as the director for the US State of Indiana, supervising trade and investment between Indiana and Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. In the early 1990s, Erna was asked by EY to shape marketing, communications and sales. She continued her career at EY as Company Secretary for Central Europe and Director of Operations for the EMEIA Audit Board. With a background in Marketing and Communications, Leadership Behaviour and Neuroscience, Erna was also educated as a team and executive coach at Phoenix and Harvard Business School. She currently works as a consultant for diversity & inclusion, change processes and operations at various organisations. She is also active in various supervisory positions. She holds a number of governance roles, including at Grachtenfestival Amsterdam and Tiffany Circle/Red Cross.

Mariëtte Turkenburg

Mariette Turkenburg

After studying Fiscal Economics (Tax) at Tilburg University, Mariëtte Turkenburg (1960) joined Loyens & Loeff, where she worked mainly in the international practice. Within Loyens & Loeff, she also held many management positions. For instance, for many years she was the partner in charge, managing the Compliance practice and thus responsible for the professional management of staff in the tax practice. Mariëtte has extensive experience in supervisory and managerial positions. She chairs the board of Tilburg University Fund and since 2012 she has been a board member of the Talent to the Top Foundation, where she has chaired since 2016.

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