Boutique Hotel Accounting Outsourcing Services

Mazars (Thailand) Ltd., a leading provider of accounting outsourcing solutions, this month announced a unique new accounting service for boutique hotels operating in Thailand.

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The service will be of tremendous value to those hotels struggling to retain capable accounting staff in tourist locations.

Chris Fuggle, Director of Mazars Thailand explained: “Primarily the purpose is to provide hotel owners and operators with peace of mind. Working closely with their in-house bookkeepers we can ensure accurate and compliant accounts. We can alleviate the costly and often frustrating time spent resolving accounting issues, thereby allowing management to focus on the core business.

Over the past two years the hotel industry in Thailand has been plagued by political disruptions, a strong baht and weak global economics. Competition in the industry and rate pressures have also increased. While we remain positive on the outlook for tourism in Thailand, the need for relevant, reliable and timely financial and accounting information in the hotel industry is greater than ever.”