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Financial and Business Advisory Services in Thailand

Forvis Mazars in Thailand provides a range of financial advisory services including M&A transactions, valuation, restructuring & forensic investigations. We provide financial advice and insight at every phase of the transaction, including optimum transaction strategy, transaction structuring, negotiation on the optimum deal valuation and transaction execution.     

We understand every transaction is unique. The context, circumstances, and people are different every time and every country has different financial regulations that demand our compliance. We believe we deliver the best financial business advisory services when we combine our technical expertise in financial, operational, commercial due diligence services, and valuation & pricing services in Thailand with a deep understanding of the transaction process and situation.

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Our approach

The scope of our corporate financial consulting and advisory services in Thailand is broad and varied, but our approach is always the same:

  • We are relentlessly focused on helping you maximise value and achieve your objectives.
  • We take the time to understand your organisation to ensure a personal, pragmatic and productive approach.
  • We provide practical advice to help you make key business decisions with clarity and confidence.

As a uniquely integrated global partnership, we are able to mobilise teams of multi-disciplinary experts from across the globe in a seamless and efficient way to ensure you have the best team advising you regardless of where you, or your project, is based. We offer M&A transaction services in Thailand and can advise you on valuation and purchase price allocation. We are also experts in providing commercial due diligence services in Thailand.

Our Team of Professionals

Our team comprises over 1,000 dedicated professionals in 52 countries, covering the full range of financial and business advisory disciplines. We have a network of experts offering a full range of financial consultant services.  

As a uniquely integrated financial consultant company, our teams around the world adhere to the same quality standards, project methodologies and technical standards. This means we deliver consistent, seamless corporate finance services wherever you may need them.


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