HR administration and advisory

We recognise that, in the evolving business environment, our clients are under pressure to increase profitability, as well as effectively manage costs and work processes, whilst simultaneously maximising employee productivity. Our HR administration and advisory services can be provided as one-off services or as an ongoing arrangement.

How can we help you?

At Mazars, we have the experts to help companies make doing business in Thailand as straightforward and effective as possible. Mazars provides bespoke solutions to meet any requirements. We create value for your business, whether you are a large international company or a local Thai start-up. From HR administrative tasks to HR advisory, you can depend on us for business support solutions, allowing you to focus your efforts on your core operations and concentrate on growing your business to ensure that you can unlock your full potential.

How will you benefit from our HR administration and advisory services?

You will obtain local knowledge from our HR administration and advisory team, who have dedicated their careers to understanding statutory requirements in Thailand. For HR teams, managing employees in another country can be complicated – there are many local regulations and nuances that need to be considered, as no two countries are the same. For example, in Thailand, working regulations vary according to the number of employees.

Thai regulations are often difficult to understand, even when translated. Mazars can assist you with being able to understand and comply with these regulations. Other benefits include:

  • Managing employees from abroad
  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Minimizing business risks
  • Enhancing data security
  • Simplifying on-boarding

Our expert HR administration team can relieve your administrative burden by:

Outsourcing 18

Maintaining personnel files in accordance with applicable regulations and legal requirements

Outsourcing 21

Preparing documents for joiners and leavers to be filed with the appropriate authorities (such as social security and health insurance)

Outsourcing 5

Administration of Social Security Fund claims

Outsourcing 9

Issuing contracts, salary letters, and salary certificates

Outsourcing 19

Administration of health insurance claims

Outsourcing 7

Rules of payment of wages, overtime pay, holiday pay and holiday overtime pay

Outsourcing 1

Discipline and disciplinary measures

Outsourcing 8

Co-ordinating with the Social Security Office, provident funds, and health insurance companies for new joiners, leavers, and reimbursements

Outsourcing 11

Informing the provident fund of any changes in employee information

Our expert HR advisory team can advise your company on:

Outsourcing 15

Written or verbal advice on Thai labor law

Outsourcing 3

Assisting employers with statutory employment-related audits or claims

Outsourcing 25

Preparing and/or reviewing employment contracts

Outsourcing 6

Termination of employment, severance pay, and special severance pay

Outsourcing 10

Supporting or performing the redundancy/termination process

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