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Susan Park

Susan Jungmin is an US CPA/EA and currently serves in the role of outsourcing director and the Head of Korea Desk at Mazars in Thailand since 2018. Prior to joining Mazars in Thailand, she was the vice president for Korean accounting firm in Thailand. She had worked at Mazars Korea for 5 years and also worked as a leader of management team for private company in China and Thailand.

Susan's experiences in both professional services and management of foreign invested companies enable her to provide high value-added services to diverse range of clients including services, retailing, wholesaling and manufacturing industries. Susan’s understanding of the Thailand business environment helps foreign companies to set up in Thailand as well as to solve complex issues related to business operations in Thailand.

박정민 미국회계사/세무사는 마자르회계법인태국의 회계부서 이사와 2018년 부터 새롭게 개설된 한국데스크를 맡고 있으며, 풍부한 실무 경험과 이해를 바탕으로 태국에 진출하고자 하는 한국기업의 해외투자, 외국인투자법인설립, 세무자문 등과 태국에 진출한 한국기업들의 회계, 세무, 회계감사, 법률 등의 업무에 폭넓게 관여하고 있습니다. 태국에 근무하기 이전에는 마자르회계법인한국에서 한국에 진출한 외국기업들의 회계와 감사, 세무자문 등을 담당하며 외국투자기업들의 성공적인 한국진출을 위한 다양한 업무를 수행했습니다.

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