Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Function (IAF) provides insight, assurance and recommendations on the effectiveness of governance, risk management and internal control. The added value of the IAF in the management and supervision of companies is therefore increasingly recognised. For example, the IAF is anchored in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and an increasing number of stakeholders believe that an IAF is part of robust corporate governance.

With the implementation of Solvency II in 2016, the IAF has become a key function for insurance companies, and with the introduction in 2019 of the IORP II Directive the IAF is now the same for pension funds as well.

In its day-to-day work, the IAF not only plays a role in providing assurance for (internal and external) supervisors, but above all adds value to the organisation by contributing to the further development of internal control in a broad sense.

Thanks to our many years of experience in internal audit and our connecting qualities, we make the difference for our clients. We distinguish ourselves through personal and proactive communication and through the involvement of an experienced team. Forvis Mazars is involved in (the supervision of) internal audit at various companies, in a wide range of corporate sectors. Our involvement always brings customisation, flexibility and pragmatism.

Setting up internal audit function 

Are you looking for additional certainty in the management of important risks that your company runs or insights and recommendations to improve the management of those risks? Are there new regulations that require you to set up an IAF and do you want to be sure that this is done with sufficient knowledge and experience? Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience as head of Internal Audit in various sectors. This enables us to draw up customised advice on the potential value of internal audit for your organisation based on organisational size, strategy, risk profile, governance and organisational culture. We can then help you get your IAF up and running in a short period of time and develop it in phases to suit the profile of your organisation. In doing so, we do not lose track of change management in order to ensure that the new function is supported and valuable.

Co-sourcing or ousourcing 

Internal audit is secured in your organisation, but you find it difficult to attract and retain suitable personnel with the right knowledge and experience. A small audit function in particular is vulnerable and continuity and quality cannot always be properly safeguarded. By opting for a co-sourcing solution, you remain in charge of the IAF, but audits can be carried out partly or entirely in collaboration with experts from Forvis Mazars. You may also ask us to support the IAF's management tasks, including preparation for an audit plan, quarterly report, quality assurance and training. In addition, you can also opt for full outsourcing of the IAF, in which the Forvis Mazars team will perform the function with loyalty and commitment that would suit an in-house position.

With regard to both (ongoing) co-sourcing and outsourcing assignments, you can benefit from our industry knowledge, from sharing best practices and engaging certain expertise where necessary. Consider for example our knowledge in respect of insurers (Solvency II) and pension funds (IORP II) or areas of expertise such as IT Audit, GDPR or Culture & Change. We are committed to a long-term 'tailor-made partnership'.

Use of data analysis 

You want to invest in a modern audit approach to gain a better understanding of the performance and control of your processes. Our data analysts have the tools and experience to provide a data-driven audit approach for keen insight and concrete recommendations for process improvements. This also includes the application of process mining. 

Coach and sparring partner 

You manage a small IAF and would like to have a good conversation with an experienced colleague about current developments in the field, about the set-up of the annual audit plan or about other issues you may encounter. We can be this sparring partner or coach. To this end, we use our many years of experience in building, transforming and operating an IAF in various sectors.

Independent quality test 

Does the Audit Committee or the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) require an independent review of the IAF (in accordance with IIA international standards once every 5 years)? Or are you looking for an experienced expert who can help your IAF prepare for such a test? In addition to the assessment, we also look ahead to share insights and make recommendations for the next step in the development of the IAF and to increase the impact for the organisation. We also use the Internal Audit Maturity Model and take the specific wishes of stakeholders into account in our approach. We are recognised by the IIA as independent and expert assessors, and participate in the IIA network of assessment organisations.


Your company operates internationally and you are looking for a partner for the IAF with an international network of auditors who speak the local language and understand local legislation and culture. And in doing so, you ask your Forvis Mazars point of contact for experience in coordinating international assignments.

The Forvis Mazars team in the Netherlands is part of an international network of internal audit professionals who work together on international assignments. The team in the Netherlands also has a lot of experience with international assignments.

Thematic audits for international organisations can be supported by Forvis Mazars' international audit network, where the inControl tool may be used to instruct local auditors in selected countries and to retrieve and analyse audit results.

Internal audit in the pension industry 

From 2019, the IAF has become a mandatory key function for pension funds on the basis of the IORP II Directive. If you, as a director of a pension fund, are in need of an expert and experienced partner who makes the connection with the actors of a pension fund and supports the board (and internal supervision) in the proportional fulfilment of this new function, we will be happy to be at your service.

Given our extensive industry knowledge and extensive experience in the field of internal audit, Forvis Mazars has made service provision in this area a priority. We already serve a large number of pension funds, both in the role of holder of the key position and in the role of filler of the key role of Internal Audit.

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