Quick Payroll Risk Scan / zero measurement

Do you have all aspects of your personnel and payroll administration clear and under control? You want to avoid unnecessary surprises and to maximise the opportunities for your company. The Quick Payroll Risk Scan gives you quick and clear insight into the opportunities and risks for your company.

Mapping out your opportunities and risks

Have you, for example, thought about the opportunities and risks of your personnel and payroll administration? Such as making the best use of various subsidy schemes and not paying too high or low premiums to the tax authorities. With Forvis Mazars' Quick Payroll Risk Scan, following an interview with you, the personnel opportunities and/or risks for your company are identified in a quick and practical manner.

In addition to the Quick Payroll Risk Scan, a next step is available to you, the so-called "zero measurement". The zero measurement of the payroll will focus on, among other things, identifying possible tax and social security risks or omissions. Conclusions and recommendations will be reported back in a report.

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