Country estates, art and charity

A successful development of your assets requires a clear strategy that does justice to your personal circumstances. Country estates, art and charity may also be elements in this strategy. We will be happy to assist you.

For Forvis Mazars, estate planning is customization. From an integrated approach, we keep an eye on the relevant financial parties, (tax) structures, international issues and constantly changing laws and regulations. In addition, we help you by providing an overview of your financial and tax position, providing practical information about the development of your assets and providing services in the relevant areas of expertise. In all cases we do this through personal contact and short lines of communication.

Country estates

In order to promote the conservation of natural beauty in the Netherlands, the legislator offers a number of tax facilities to the owners of country estates. In order to capitalise on these facilities in income, corporation and transfer tax as well as inheritance and gift tax and the constantly changing regulations in this respect, (tax) guidance is recommended.

Art and charity

Our advisers can assist you in maintaining your (art) collection, making a donation to a charity, setting up your own charity and looking after certain general interests. We can also advise you on the so-called art regulation which enables you to pay inheritance tax with works of art that have been designated by the government as qualifying works of art.

Our services

The Forvis Mazars specialists recommended wealthy individuals at national and international level, on both private and business assets. For your private assets, our advice focuses on matrimonial property law, inheritance law and gift, inheritance, income and transfer tax. For your business position, it is mainly about structuring based on strategic themes such as continuity, control, financial and fiscal interest.

Want to know more?

Do you want more information? Please contact Bianca de Kroon by e-mail or by telephone: +31 (0)88 277 10 10. She will be happy to help you.

Want to know more?