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Marco Zimmerman

Personal quote / vision

I advise my clients on the correct application of payroll tax and social insurance rules. In doing so, I not only give advice, but also investigate the possibilities to optimize the client's situation or limit risks. I also focus on advising on international secondment, the withholding obligation of foreign employers and the possibilities of tax-free reimbursement of extraterritorial expenses.

Specialist experience

  • Payroll taxes
  • Dutch and international companies operating in the Netherlands
  • Supervising and preparing tax audits
  • Working Costs Regulation (WKR): is there a proper WKR administration and are the conditions met such as the usability test etc.?
  • Certification NEN 4400-1 and 4400-2
  • Salary split situations
  • Supervise unblocked tax authority investigations (G account)
  • Supervise settlement of SNCU audits
  • Preventing additional final levy on severance payments (RVU levy)
  • WKA / WAS: How can entrepreneurs avoid the risks of chain liability and hirer's liability

Specific client experience

  • In my role as tax consultant, I assist temporary employment agencies, payroll companies and other companies that provide personnel. I also advise employers in the not for profit sector.

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