2012/2013 Annual Report: “Paving new ways together”

‘Paving New Ways Together’ encapsulates the Mazars way of doing business. We believe that collective intelligence is key to developing long term solutions that pave the way to sustainable growth. Key figures, strategy, interviews, case studies: everything you need to know is in the 2012/2013 edition of our Annual Report.

Committed to transparency

Demonstrating our commitment to strengthening financial transparency, Mazars has published its Annual Report for the ninth consecutive year, voluntarily offering stakeholders the transparency which is required of all our publicly listed clients.
The report includes both the Group Financial Statements and the Group Transparency Report. The activity report gives a full overview of our fundamentals and of our long term vision, through five sections:

Paving new ways together: our ambition

Where we’re headed and how we plan to achieve our ambitions. Five dialogues between Mazars partners.
‘Over the last 30 years, we have invested heavily in building our brand throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Mazars is one partnership, and we will remain independent, international and integrated.’
Philippe Castagnac, Mazars Group CEO

Laying the first stones: who we are

What makes Mazars different: service offerings, key performance indicators, our global locations and highlights from the past year.

Headcount by region, 2005-2014

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Breaking ground: our strategy

Our perception of the market, development strategy and the key features of the model we’ve designed to meet client expectations and challenges.

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Special guest Xavier Fontanet, former CEO of Essilor, world leader in corrective lenses,  shares his experience and views on becoming a global brand, dealing with different cultures and rewarding performance.

Clearing the path: working with our clients

Our Group Executive Board members analyze the market challenges faced by our stakeholders and we focus on how Mazars can help clear the path, through case studies of some of our global clients.

Interview: Alice Ekman

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Alice Ekman, fellow researcher at The French international Relations Institute provides insight into how social change in China may shape the future of the global economy.

Charting new territories: our approach to sustainable development

Again reflecting our commitment to the level of transparency that is demanded of our clients, we focus on our partnership responsibility policy that is both global and adapted to specific local needs.

Interview: Muhammad Yunus

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Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, shares with Mazars his vision of social business and a new project that will unite both individuals and companies towards a single objective: solving local problems. 

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