Beyond the GAAP no.169 – September 2022

In September, the IASB issued amendments to IFRS 16 on leases to clarify the subsequent measurement of a lease liability arising from sale and leaseback transactions where the lease payments are variable and not dependent on an index or rate. As requested by stakeholders, the IASB has ultimately provided no clarification on how to measure the proportion of the seller-lessee's retained interest in the asset. This issue of Beyond the GAAP presents the details of this amendment, which has been expected for several months.

This month, the ISSB and EFRAG have taken stock of the extensive stakeholder feedback received on their respective draft standards on sustainability disclosures. While the ISSB, unlike EFRAG, is not required to have finalised its deliberations by mid-November, the international standard setter is also under pressure to publish the initial basis of the “global baseline” called for by many stakeholders as rapidly as possible. EFRAG continues to press ahead with the timetable imposed by the draft CSRD, bearing in mind that immense work is involved in finalising the ESRS drafts in order to meet the expectations of preparers and users, but also the requirements of the European Union, while being aligned, as far as possible, with the future ISSB standards.


Beyond the GAAP no.169 - September 2022
Index no.169 - September 2022