Sustainability reporting under CSRD

Mazars hosted a webinar on sustainability reporting and the requirements under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

During the session, we discussed what exactly CSRD is, what organisations are impacted, and what must be done in preparation for sustainability reporting. We will highlight requirements for limited assurance on those reports.

The main points we will cover are:

  • An introduction to the CSRD, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Overview of the sustainability reporting regulatory environment in the EU and Ireland. Introduction to CSRD, its objectives and principles.  
  • Sustainability Reporting under the CSRD. Who is in scope and when? Considerations for non-EU groups.
  • The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Presentation of the reporting framework being implemented for sustainability information. Update on the development status of the standards. 
  • Preparing for CSRD Sustainability Reporting. A step-by-step approach for compliance with the CSRD, including project planning, materiality assessment, and gap analysis. 
  • Limited assurance requirements on CSRD Sustainability Reporting. Understanding the requirements. How to prepare for it. ISSA 5000, the proposed international standard on sustainability assurance.

Get in touch with Liam McKenna and Laura Angelin for further information.

About the speakers

Liam McKenna

Liam McKenna: Mazars in Ireland Sustainability Lead

Liam is a partner in the consulting department of Mazars in Ireland and has more than 25 years of professional experience. Liam leads the delivery of sustainability-related services in Mazars since 2019, with a current focus on CSRD readiness services.

Laura Angelin

Laura Angelin: Mazars in Ireland Sustainability Assurance Lead

Laura has worked in the audit and assurance department of Mazars in Ireland for more than nine years, delivering audit and other assurance assignments, including internal control and compliance reviews. Laura heads the sustainability assurance service line, with a focus on CSRD Sustainability Reporting and compliance with ESRS requirements.

Emmanuel Thierry

Emmanuel Thierry: Mazars Global CSRD Lead

Emmanuel is a Partner in Mazars France and has over 20 years’ of experience providing assurance and advisory services to international clients. Emmanuel is the global CSRD lead at Mazars, covering both the advisory/CSRD readiness and the assurance service lines. Emmanuel leads discussions with several organisations on their CSRD compliance challenges and how they need to organize their CSRD readiness projects.