International groupaudit

Forvis Mazars possesses extensive audit experience working with (international) organisations. We specialize in conducting audits of financial statements for these organisations and actively keep our clients informed about developments, including legislative changes, new regulations, and innovative solutions.


From large corporations to smaller companies, our distinctive and integrated structure is flexibile and provides the means to assemble cross-border teams that collaborate under the guidance of a single responsible partner. By assigning a regular contact person, we cultivate effective working relationships founded on mutual trust and respect. 


Our teams are carefully curated based on sector focus and areas of expertise. This ensures a diverse range of knowledge and experience. We strive to understand and anticipate your challenges by building a long-term working relationship based on communication and trust. 


Our services are guarenteed and delivered by dedicated and independent professionals in 91 countries We bring experience with listed companies, SMEs, public organisations, and DGA-companies around the world. 

We can help you with 

  • Addressing the public interest, catering to medium-sized and large international companies; 
  • Recognizing the value of independent audits; 
  • Conducting audits by employing innovative technologies to enhance the best approach and results; 
  • Developing contemporary services aligned with the genuine motivations of businesses; 
  • Overseeing a unique industry, providing an alternative in the global audit & assurance market. 

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