SBR Assurance

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a method for compiling and delivering financial reports. With SBR, data in business records are recorded once and in a standard manner. Starting from financial years on or after 1 January 2017, medium-sized companies are required to submit financial statements to the Chamber of Commerce via SBR.

The SBR obligation: does it apply to you?  

Does the SBR obligation apply to you? Medium-sized companies are defined as organisations with fewer than 250 employees, an annual turnover not exceeding € 40 million, or an annual balance sheet total ≤ € 20 million. If your company is part of a group with a head that qualifies as large or listed, the SBR obligation will only apply to you from the 2019 financial year. Companies in the micro- and small classes were already subject to this obligation. Additionally, the audit report will also become digital (in SBR), and the digital signature will replace the traditional 'wet' signature. 

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for submitting the publication documents to the Chamber of Commerce yourself. The introduction of the SBR obligation, therefore, requires an investment from you to ensure the correct submission of your publication documents. 


It is mandatory to submit publication documents in SBR. Forvis Mazars' specialists can assist you in preparing these publication documents. Through our digital platform Forvis Mazars Signals, we can help you comply with your SBR obligation. Here you can easily and securely submit your publication documents to the Chamber of Commerce.

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