Corporate structures

Developing international corporate structures that have an efficient but appropriate tax treatment is becoming increasingly complex. Worldwide changes are being triggered by the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiative. In addition, national tax policies are changing at an accelerating rate as governments try and repair national budgets damaged by Covid-19, use tax as a trade weapon, or capture the revenues from digital businesses.

Our approach

In this fast-changing environment, we believe in a risk-averse, long-term and sustainable approach to developing corporate structures, rather than being forced to respond to each new piece of legislation or tax court ruling.

We also offer advice on tax-efficient structures during cross-border acquisitions and disposals, and strategic assistance during international tax field audits.

Our services

  • Strategic advice on tax-efficient yet appropriate and sustainable corporate structures
  • Advice tailored to sectors with specific topics
  • Tax risk assessment and mitigation
  • Assistance in the preparation of tax returns for companies and individuals. 
  • Advice on taxes: Income, inheritance, VAT, wealth, municipal activity, parafiscal contributions.
  • Tax advice in tax audits by the competent authority.
  • Assistance in the tax element of purchase audits.
  • Evaluation of the tax component in cases of mergers or spin-offs.
  • Preparation of legal tax consultations and writings addressed to the competent authority.
  • Assistance in the application of the transfer pricing methodology required by law and preparation of the informative declaration of related-party transactions, as well as the preparation of the report of results and compliance.
  • Tax outsourcing.
  • Special reviews of compliance with tax duties.
  • Appointment or oath of expert in tax matters and transfer pricing.
  • Appointment or swearing in as accounting expert for tax proceedings before the tax authority or in legal proceedings before the contentious-tax courts.
  • Assistance in the determination of accounting provisions for taxes and parafiscal contributions.
  • Preparation of support material and assistance in the presentation with our tax experts in cases of analysis of tax laws and tax workshops or lectures. In company or to the general public.
  • Review of tax calculations and tax penalties and surcharges contained in administrative acts formulated by the tax authority.
  • Integration of multidisciplinary teams of client projects that require the analysis of some tax component.

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