Our environmental & community involvement

To us, a responsible firm creates shared value. We want to be positive change agents and global citizens. Year after year, we strive to build a better, more inclusive and fairer Mazars, to ultimately help shape a better society. Our engagements are wide-ranging and diverse. We comply with environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements, and engage with our communities through not-for-profit activities, charity work, donations or pro bono services.

We promote ESG reporting

Over 25 countries in our global partnership – including France, the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa and Turkey – now report on their ESG metrics and performance, in the form of a CSR report or a Transparency Report. While we are conscious that there is room for improvement, we see the publication of these documents in a growing number of countries as evidence of our commitment to transparency and dedication to providing a complete and accurate image of who we are and what we stand for.

We encourage pro bono work

We take pride in the fact that 60% of our workforce is encouraged to engage in pro bono work. As professionals and experts, we believe providing knowledge, advice and technical expertise to local charities and associations is the best and most relevant way for us to give back to our communities.

  • For example, for the last two and a half years, Mazars has been actively involved with Les Déterminés, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at fostering entrepreneurship in France’s underprivileged districts. Since 2015, the association has been providing training, mentoring and coaching to over 128 people resulting in the creation of over 44 businesses. Mazars’ Exaltis building, in Paris La Défense, is home to Les Déterminés’ headquarters, and also provides space for training and seminars, while Mazars’ partners and staff offer pro bono services to the organisation and its aspiring entrepreneurs.

We monitor our carbon footprint

As a professional service provider, we do not conduct activities or manage industrial processes that have a major negative impact on the environment. We do however pay attention to our travel-induced carbon footprint. Between August 2017 and August 2018, the data collected in 6 countries, which account for 39% of our workforce and 54% of our global fee income, show a per capita footprint of 0,79 tCO2e. To reduce our professional travel, both for the well-being of our workforce and to limit our emissions, we have set up video conferencing tools.

We contribute to society, charities and local CSR initiatives

Mazars inspires employees, clients, and businesses to deal more conscientiously with each other, with the environment and within the society we live in. We are naturally inclined to be involved wherever we have a presence. Whether this means taking an active part in society’s most pressing debates or playing a key role in the success of initiatives designed to enhance solidarity and the continuity of ethical values.

All over the world, our staff and teams are engaged in helping charitable causes and CSR initiatives. Over 9 out of 10 “Mazarians” contribute through donations or direct participation in charity events, environmental rallies or other related projects.