ESG financial forum: How ESG increases financial performance and stimulates investments

ESG financial forum was held on 30th of November 2021. The participants included representatives of the EBRD, IFC, leading Ukrainian banks, speakers from Poland and Slovakia and companies, which have already successfully implemented ESG practices in the company's strategies.

ESG topic is about trust. COP26 defined 100 billions dollars to spent on sustainable programs in developing countries. Experts say Ukraine will receive about 7 billions of support.

  • How banks can develop a system of financing responsible businesses?
  • How we can support real innovations together with policies and scientific researches.
  • What KPIs show financial institutions possibility to invest safely?

All these questions were answered ESG seminar, organized by Mazars in Ukraine, Arzinger law firm, United Nations Global Compact and National bank of Ukraine. We are thankful to Raiffeisen Bank Aval and IFC's operations in Ukraine for bringing their cases and examples. DTEK shared their experience on issuing green bonds. National bank association shared challenges faced by banks when financing Ukrainian business.

In case you missed the ESG financial forum, we have some good news for you.
The forum recording is already available to watch.

Why it's worth watching.

Investors are increasingly applying ESG factors when making investment decisions in the financial sector, leading to more long-term investments in sustainable economic activities and projects.
ESG metrics are not usually included into financial reporting as mandatory part. But they expected to become mandatory shortly.

During an hour and a half you’ll gain a focused knowledge which usually takes weeks to obtain.

Speakers explained how ESG’s non-financial indicators influence financial decisions. Also they shared their own practices, which they’ve already successfully implemented in the company's strategies.

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