Flexible and scalable outsourcing services at Castel

Both Castel and Mazars share a relationship of trust and mutual understanding of challenges. The client can fully focus on its core business and be sure of compliance and conformity with the ever-changing regulations.​ Mazars is proud to be a trusted partner to Castel in Poland for almost 25 years. Castel started working with Mazars also in the Czech Republic in 2009.


Mazars was appointed to provide to Castel in Poland accounting, tax compliance, payroll and HR services in July 1995.​ At the beginning, it was necessary to work at Castel premises on their software to gain insight in all processes and propose a new organization.​ When the works were successfully outsourced, the client’s business started to grow and since then we have been facing constant need for optimization. 


From the beginning, Castel has been assisted by the same manager. Thanks to that, Mazars dedicated team has always been actively involved in the works and Castel can benefit from their proactivity and strong technical expertise. Many state-of-the-art optimization solutions have been implemented to serve the growing Castel Polish business even more efficiently: change of accounting software, scanning of documents, streamlined work-flows and procedures.​

About the company

Castel is a family-owned firm recognized as a world player in the beverage industry, specializing in 2 main sectors: wine and beer. With a presence on five continents, Castel is a major international player in the field of export, production, bottling and sales.​ The Group is recognized worldwide not only for its across-the-board commitment to sustainability, but as a symbol of high quality and unparalleled expertise.