Services for real estate users

A real estate strategy that meets your unique needs

Any business needs a holistic approach to real estate that brings together various components like location, facilities, servicing and equipment. This represents an important lever for achieving strategic objectives while generating significant cost savings and revenue enhancements.

At Forvis Mazars, we can work with stakeholders to provide premises and services that can be efficiently adapted to work patterns and activities. Our Real Estate and Construction Consulting team supports you in the analysis and even the anticipation of the main changes that could impact your real estate strategy, such as growth, changes in the workforce, changes in working methods, digital development and management of associated data, or new models such as co-working. 

Our consultants bring together a team that is dedicated to the success of your projects, paying particular attention to ‘human touch’ user experience. For operational efficiency, we undertake organisational diagnosis and risk mapping and support for the deployment of IT tools.

When developing real estate strategies, we make databases reliable and ensure the work environment is adapted to changes in working methods and management.

As for operational support, we source and provide employees for complex, high stake situations and monitor the progress of work including quality of services, the budget and deadlines.