GDPR: Five Years On - Webinar on the key Insights and Survey Findings

Our comprehensive survey examines the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Ireland's public and private sector organisations. Discover key insights, including the growing concerns about non-compliance fines and the evolving challenges and costs of GDPR implementation. Gain valuable knowledge about public awareness of GDPR and explore attitudes towards data protection.

Our engaging discussion sheds light on the progress made and the way forward in the ever-changing data privacy and protection landscape.

Liam McKenna, our data protection expert, presents the key findings of the survey. The summary highlights crucial points regarding GDPR's impact on organisations and individuals. It covers topics such as the benefits of GDPR compliance, concerns about fines, challenges in achieving compliance, public awareness of GDPR, and the willingness to compromise data protection for appealing products or services.

Graham Doyle, Deputy Commissioner of the Data Protection Commission (DPC), shared the DPC's perspective on its application after five years. He highlighted that Ireland has the most active regulator and enforcer under the GDPR, with over 200 staff handling thousands of complaints across the EU. Doyle mentioned some notable cases, including fines and compliance orders issued to various organisations for infringements related to unauthorised disclosure of information, data security, data protection for children, transparency, and a lawful basis for processing.

The second half of the video is an open discussion between all panellists, with great insights into the future of GDPR.

We hope you enjoy the discussion.

Mazars GDPR survey 2023 survey

 Download the full GDPR Survey 2023.

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